Written by Suzy Miller
Directed by Edilberto Restino

Two star-crossed lovers - but Juliette is a 70 year old grandma with dementia, and her lover is a man only in his 50s. 
Juliette’s daughter Karen is vehemently apposed to the match, and bitter about her son’s father’s upcoming marriage to which she is - to her humiliation - invited.
To escape being packed off to an old people’s home, the lovers elope with the help of Karen’s son Alex, almost thwarting Karen’s plans. 
This betrayal exposes Karen’s world to be in stark contrast to the liberated joyful world of her mother, and forces her to reassess her own perspective - expressed in the final scene where Karen relinquishes her bitterness and allows the love of her son to take precedence over her pride.

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